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History Unearthed

Bringing History to Life beyond the Classroom


A history 'Wow Day' with a difference. The newest member of the Tastes Of History team, Sigebert (the skeleton), will reveal how the study of history and the science of archaeology are so closely linked.

This is a History Special for a single year group for a whole day of activities, or a whole school in a series of shorter sessions, to place your pupils' study of history in context.

What might the day include?

Using a recreated dig pupils can become detectives for a special day exploring how archaeologists excavate and investigate the past. As ever, the emphasis is on having FUN, using artefacts, role-play, activities and games to learn about archaeology in an engaging and meaningful way.


An Archaeology day can include any or all of these topics:


o  'Archaeology is rubbish', so what is it all about?

Exploring archaeological history as a time line.

Digging 101: to be an archaeologist and the tools of their trade.

Digging 101: how we excavate, carefully, layer by layer.

Digging 101: how we relate finds to the dig and place the past in Context.

Digging 101: how we date artefacts (geology, typology, technological

    developments, and science).

Digging 101: who knew there was so much writing, drawing and recording.

Stratification: digging through the layers of history.

Burial: 'Gathering the clues'. What do the 'grave goods' reveal?

Burial: 'Solving the puzzle'. Is Sigebert a man or a woman, a warrior or a farmer?

To discuss your specific requirements, please Contact Us.

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