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Victorian Dining

Tastes of History for All

The Gamekeeper's Cottage

Mrs Beeton's 'Book of Household Management' continues to this day to provide many and varied recipes to feed hungry families. So, against the backdrop of our estate cottage kitchen, find out how ordinary working folk lived and dined during Queen Victoria’s nearly 64-year reign.

Join Mr and Mrs Powell, the estate’s gamekeeper and the house’s chief cook, to discover and sample (if you so choose) some delightful Victorian period recipes.


During the period of British rule over India, known as the British Raj (1858 to 1947), the Victorians started appropriating and adapting Indian recipes to create an Anglo-Indian cuisine that included dishes such as Kedgeree (1790) and Mulligatawny soup (1791) to name but two. Indeed, Her Majesty has said Mrs Powell's kedgeree is 'quite delicious'.

Discover some of the many innovations that changed Britain from a rural to an industrialised, urban nation.

Did You Know?  In 1810, Englishman Peter Durand introduced a method for sealing food in 'unbreakable' tin cans.  The first tin opener, however, was not patented until 1855 - 45 years later!

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A Christmas Fair

Much of how we celebrate Christmas today was championed by the Victorians. Prince Albert, for example, introduced the German tradition of having decorated Christmas trees indoors. While Charles Dickens' quintessential Victorian novel A Christmas Carol remains a firm favourite of the festive season.

Tastes Of History’s display recreates a simple kitchen that can transport visitor back in time to experience the sights and smells of Victorian Britain. The cooking of mince pies to Mrs Beeton's recipe and a warming Wassail Punch will introduce the aromas of Christmas, attracting passers-by to sample (if they so choose) these tasty Victorian dishes.


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A Victorian Picnic

Queen Victoria's Jubilee is rapidly approaching. Join Tastes Of History as we prepare a celebratory picnic. Sandwiches, cakes, scones with jam and cream, lemonade and, of course, tea - what delights might we include?


Passers-by may even sample (if they so choose) our Victorian picnic fare.


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