Victorian School

Bringing History to Life Beyond the Classroom


A full day of lessons based around an inspection of a Victorian classroom.  Your inspector Mr O.F. Sted will be assuring the appropriate standards are being maintained, with strict discipline.


For a more authentic feel, a hall (preferably) or a classroom should be laid out with chairs and tables in rows.  Copies of each class register will be used for a Victorian registration.  Likewise, photocopies from the provided master copybook will be needed for your children to use.  Each child will also need to bring a two pence coin to pay for their day’s education (all coins will be returned to the class teacher).


What might the day include?


Victorian school days are a great opportunity for children to dress up.  Although discipline will be strict, the emphasis is on having FUN, using artefacts, role-play, and games to teach history in an engaging and meaningful way.  A Victorian school day can include any or all of these topics:


o  Rules in the classroom;

School prayer and religious instruction/assembly;

Reading, spelling and vocal gymnastics;

Handwriting (with dip pens);

Arithmetic with slates;

Physical drill;

History and Geography of the time;

Object lessons using Victorian toys and games.


Paper towels may be needed in the event of an ink spillage!

To discuss your specific requirements, please Contact Us.