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Bringing History to Life beyond the Classroom


A great way to enrich any study of the impact of The Great War on the lives of men, women and children in Britain or on the Western Front between 1914 and 1918.  Discovering the events of the "War to end War" dovetails nicely with any topic on "Remembrance".

What might the day include?


Despite the horrors of the trenches the emphasis remains on having FUN, using artefacts, role-play, and games to teach history in an engaging and meaningful way.  A WW1 day can include any or all of these topics:


o  The Road to War: how did it all start.

Home by Christmas: Germany attacks, the 'Race to the Sea', stalemate and

    the Christmas Truce.

Britain Under Fire: The first Blitz and air raid precautions.

Your Country Needs You: joining up, training and equipment.

Muck and Bullets: trench life, the Battles and going 'over the top'.

Shot at Dawn.

Home Front: U-Boat stranglehold, rationing and women at war.

The Guns Fall Silent: Armistice, homecoming, the 'War to end war' and


Women’s suffrage: are you a Suffragist or a Suffragette?

To discuss your specific requirements, please Contact Us.

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