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Media Work

Film, Television and Radio Consultancy

After more than two decades as historians, professional interpreters, experimental archaeologists, and as re-enactors, our enthusiasm for history remains undiminished.  We have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and practical experience across a wide range of historical periods.

Historical Consultants  Both Jill and Mark have worked as historical consultants on several television history documentaries, both in development and in production.  The history of food is a speciality, but we have also advised production companies on costume, practices, military tactics and equipment.


We have also consulted on publishing projects.  Mark provided research on the origins of the late Roman arcuballista for Mike Loades' book 'Crossbow' and for a reconstruction of this enigmatic weapon.   Mark also provided theoretical and practical assistant to 'Roman Imperial Artillery' by Alan Wilkins, FSA.  Not to be outdone, Jill has written on reconstructing Roman recipes for the Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference monograph series and in the journal of the Roman Military Research Society.

Contributors  Mark and Jill both have on-screen experience contributing to a number of projects.  As part of the 'Field Team' for the BBC series 'Time Commanders', Mark's expertise was called upon to describe and demonstrate how Roman catapults worked, along with Roman sword and shield techniques.

We have also provided replica costume and equipment for television productions such as the aforementioned 'Time Commanders', 'Britain's Most Historic Towns' and 'Museum Secrets: Inside the Bardo Museum'.

Expert Interviewees  Radio, newspaper and magazine interviews are familiar territory, not only to promote events but to educate a wide audience.  Interviews can be the straightforward sit-down type or a blend of story-telling and facts.


As a knowledgeable food historian, Jill's expertise is on food production, agriculture, animal husbandry, trade and commerce.  Mark's specialism is historical weapons and military history.


Although both are principally Roman experts, today Mark and Jill can confidently speak on a broad range of historical subjects, from the Stone Age to the Second World War.

Presenters  Drawing on our personal experiences for added flavour, we can both speak on a broad spectrum of history-based topics.  Presentations can be tailored to the audience from the light-hearted to the more academic.  Talks can range from 20 minutes to one hour.  On behalf of English Heritage, we have delivered presentations on the history of food that included practical cooking demonstrations.

As well as speaking to groups, for example the WI, clubs and societies, we are also available for product launches and other commercial events.

Time Team Colchester Circus.jpg

Early days: extras on 'Britain's Lost Roman Circus', a Time Team Special for Channel 4.

Alice Roberts & Liz Montgomery (2).jpg

Contributors and food historians on Channel 4's 'Britain's Most Historic Towns: Chester'. Along with cooking a Roman-style feast, we also provided the costumes worn by host Prof Alice Roberts and Liz Montgomery, Interpretations Officer at the Grosvenor Museum, Chester.


Contributor on Roman numerals and music for the CBeebies series 'My Story'.

20150529-BBC Filming The Celts Mancetter

On set filming the BBC's New Tricks episode 'Romans Ruined'. Tastes Of History's Roman kitchen provided a living history backdrop.

Consultant, Roman artillery expert and contributor to the Field Team for the BBC's 'Time Commanders' episodes 1 and 3.

Consultant and equipment supplier to the BBC Two series 'The Celts: Blood, Iron and Sacrifice' alongside Neil Oliver, Mike Loades and Andy Dean.

20150519-Press Call EH Birdoswald (1).jp
20150519-Press Call EH Birdoswald (5).jp
20150519-Press Call EH Birdoswald (4).jp

A PR and marketing exercise for English Heritage at Birdoswald Roman Fort.  Tastes Of History set-up a simplified version of our 'Caupona' - a Roman kitchen - to cook Roman-style burgers.

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