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History Workshops for Schools

Bringing History to Life Beyond the Classroom

History Workshops for Schools

Bringing History to Life beyond the Classroom

Everyone learns in different ways.  Maintaining a pupil’s interest day after day can be challenging, so why not do something different?  Our interactive and fun school days are designed to inspire and stimulate learning.


School days can be adapted to fit your needs; no two days have to be the same.  Workshops can be to a single group, for the whole day, or shorter programmes can be delivered to several groups in the course of the day.


Our themed history workshops can be tailored to your lesson plan, connecting different curriculum elements as necessary.  We think history is more than just famous characters and dates.  We believe that a true understanding of  history crosses all sorts of disciplines: geography, commerce, people, places, science, even mathematics.  Tying historical periods and ideas together often helps pupils understand how events and topics are linked.

DBS Checked annually;

Fully insured;

Learning is done at your location in the same safe and secure environment that your pupils are familiar with;


You save time on travel and money on booking and entrance fees at historical venues;


You avoid the hassle of the "on-site" shop, toilet and lunch arrangements!

Bringing history to life using accurately researched costumes and replica artefacts is exciting and inspiring for both children and adults alike.  The opportunity to handle everyday objects, and learn how they were used, makes history more accessible and helps everyone connect with the past.  Using museum quality replicas and artefacts, together with role playing and storytelling, actively involves children in learning - all while having FUN!

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