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Audley End House at War

Updated: Feb 18

For the early May bank holiday weekend we jumped back 80 years to wartime Britain where Audley End House once again became a school for spies, soldiers and top secret training,

During the Second World War, Audley End House, near Saffron Walden in Essex, was used by the Polish Section of the Special Operations Executive to train Polish special forces soldiers. Known as the Cichociemni – the Silent Unseen – these soldiers were elite paratroopers trained in covert operations, sabotage and intelligence-gathering. Between 1941 and 1945, 316 Cichociemni were dropped into occupied Poland. Of these brave men and women, 103 were killed in combat with the Germans or executed by the Gestapo. A further nine were killed by the communists in Poland after the war.

Tastes Of History's mission was to 'feed the troops' recreating wartime recipes for visitors to sample. So, for those wishing to 'cook on the ration', these are the recipes:

Bon appétit!


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