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Roman Burgers on Hadrian's Wall

Updated: Feb 13

An interesting and somewhat challenging day. After a 5 am start, we drove North through squally showers to spend the day at Birdoswald Roman Fort on Hadrian's Wall. Arriving in good time, we set about pitching a tent and setting up our cooking equipment to rustle up iscia omentata - Roman burgers to you and I - for a press call on behalf of English Heritage.

Why you might ask? Well, on Saturday May 23rd, 2015 if you visit Birdoswald Roman Fort between 11 am and 3 pm then, courtesy of English Heritage, you can sample a Roman burger cooked for you by Tastes Of History. You could even add Roman mustard for an extra zing or perhaps, if you're feeling brave, go for the cheese burger with our much loved moretum, or garlic cheese!

Today, however, was Jill's chance to educate and entertain in an interview for BBC Radio Cumbria and a filmed sequence for ITV Borders (as pictured above right). Hats off to Joe Jackson of Cumbria Heritage, pictured with Jill (above left), who had to eat several burgers at various locations for the assembled newspaper photographers. If you're interested, the recipe is relatively simple to reproduce:

For us, it was telling that all who tried the burgers came to the same conclusion: the Roman version is definitely tastier than the ones you get in today's fast food outlets. But would you agree? Why not come and find out.

For more information on the events taking place at Birdoswald from May 23rd until May 31st visit

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