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One-Pot Cooking

Updated: Feb 13

For the large majority of people living in the Bronze Age (about 2,500 - 800 BC) to the mid-Iron Age (ca. 300-100 BC) meals were commonly stews, porridge and soups cooked in open pots, probably accompanied by bread. Eating might have been communal, with the food served in a single bowl from which many people ate.

The Recipes Described, perhaps a bit dismissively, as "one-pot cooking" the recipes that follow owe much to the long traditions of Britons hunting, gathering and farming the land.


Lentil and Mushroom Soup:

Sourdough Bread:

Sour Cream Cheese:

Mutton Stew:

Barley Bread:

Bacon and Bean Stew:

Making Sourdough: To make your own sourdough is quite simple:

As time allows more Iron Age recipes will be added, but for now please enjoy recreating some great Tastes Of History...Bon appétit!


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